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Tenement Museum & Baltimore Immigration Museum Virtual Experience


Join us for an interactive virtual experience with the Tenement Museum and Baltimore Immigration Museum as we discuss immigration in 1918.

About this Event

The Chesapeake Language Project is hosting an interactive virtual visit of the Tenement Museum in New York City. We’ll take you inside 97 Orchard Street and through the history of a family who lived there. You’ll learn about daily life in the past, see the spaces, meet the people, and get to ask us questions about history. Afterward, we'll make connections to the Baltimore immigration experience at same time with a presentation and discussion from the Baltimore Immigration Museum.

The theme of the event is Life and Death in 1918 where we'll meet the Burinescu family who lived in the Museum’s historic tenement building during the flu season of 1918-1919. It would become the deadliest pandemic in human history so far, leaving lasting legacy on public health and tragic losses for families who survived the more than 50,000 dead in New York City alone. This virtual experience will explore what made the flu of 1918 so devastating and how NYC responded to this global crisis. Most importantly, we will focus on how the pandemic is remembered by the Burinescus, an immigrant family from Romania, and the stories of both members of the family who lived through it and their descendants. We invite you to think about the parallels between the 1918 Influenza pandemic and our current moment and the Covid-19 pandemic, and to think about how we will remember these pandemics in the years to come.

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